Governor Roel Ragay Degamo led a meeting with the transport cooperative, PHPG Chief Aurelio Bodo, and LTO-Dumaguete Chief Agnes Pinili to discuss the challenges and issues surrounding the Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) Modernization Program. The meeting aimed to find solutions and agreements on how to improve the implementation of the program and ensure its successful execution in the province.

The PUV Modernization Program is an initiative of the government to provide a safer, more convenient, and more comfortable mode of public transportation for Filipinos. This program requires all public utility vehicle operators to upgrade their units to comply with the standards set by the government, including Euro-4 compliant engines, speed limiters, GPS, CCTV cameras, and automated fare collection systems. However, some transport groups have raised concerns about the high cost of the upgrade, which they say is too much for small operators to shoulder. Other issues raised include the lack of financing options and the limited availability of spare parts and mechanics.

During the meeting, Governor Degamo emphasized the importance of the PUV Modernization Program in ensuring the safety and welfare of the riding public. He encouraged the transport cooperative to work together with the government and other stakeholders to address the challenges and come up with practical solutions that would benefit both the transport groups and the riding public. The meeting ended with the participants agreeing to continue the dialogue and collaborate in finding ways to make the PUV Modernization Program more feasible and sustainable for all parties involved.