Officials and members of the Freemasons of the Philippines Masonic District XVIII, led by Mr. Don Ramas Uypitching and Former Bais City Mayor Hector Villanueva, paid a courtesy visit to the Governor’s Office. The group was welcomed by Provincial Administrator Atty. Richard Enojo on behalf of Governor Roel Ragay Degamo, who was attending a prior engagement at the time. The purpose of the visit was to introduce the upcoming gathering of Freemasons in Dumaguete City this April, called the Annual Communication, which is expected to attract participants from all over the Philippines.

The Freemasons of the Philippines Masonic District XVIII is a fraternal organization that is committed to promoting moral and ethical values, brotherhood, and the betterment of society through various activities and initiatives. The group has been active in various charitable works, including supporting education, health, and disaster response efforts. The upcoming Annual Communication event will provide an opportunity for Freemasons from all over the Philippines to come together, share ideas and best practices, and further strengthen their ties.